Get Some Festive Spirit with These Simple Kentucky Bourbon Balls

Not only do the locals know a thing or two about bourbon, they are more than happy to share the knowledge. Today’s recipe for Kentucky bourbon balls comes courtesy of the Kentucky Derby Museum Cookbook. One of the great joys about traveling in Kentucky is visiting the great Kentucky bourbon distilleries. In addition to the bourbon there are also the many gorgeous racetracks, horse studs and other racing-affiliated facilities. This all makes for a rather attractive drive through the Bluegrass State. … Read More

Delicious Whisky Ice Cream Plum Pudding

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Just like pumpkin pie is popular in the US over the festive period, plum pudding is the go-to dessert at Christmas time where we live, as well as many other parts of the world. Yes, it is very English and traditional to eat this hot dessert – even on a hot Christmas Day, as frequently occurs in Australia and other countries in the Southern Hemisphere. It often follows a hot roast dinner. Yes in reality, summer is the wrong season … Read More

Quick Easy Golden Fried Banana Fritters are Awesome

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Today we feature fried banana fritters, Cambodian-style. Found throughout South East Asia, banana desserts are extremely popular and surely golden fried banana fritters are the most popular banana dessert of all. So much so it has been well and truly exported all over the world so we can enjoy the golden, crisp batter and the sweet treat inside. Our Cambodian version of fried banana fritters contains no hard to find ingredients. The batter is a little lighter than most as … Read More

The Best Authentic Loukoumades Greek Donuts Recipe

Today we feature a popular dessert eaten throughout Greece and Cyprus. Authentic loukoumades are basically Greek donuts. They are drenched in a honey-based syrup, sprinkled with cinnamon, sesame seeds and crushed walnuts. And they’re easy to make. Our version of authentic loukoumades comes with a twist. For the batter we use labna (strained yogurt, also sometimes called labna cheese) and no yeast. The use of the labna delivers a lighter batter, precluding the need for the yeast. The sweetness comes … Read More

Banana Spring Rolls for Something a Little Different

Thais adore bananas when it comes to something sweet! It is cooked in a multitude of ways. Today we feature something which is a little different and, maybe, not quite traditional, Thai fare. But it is delicious, nonetheless. How about banana spring rolls? Long the poor cousin of banana fritters, banana spring rolls are actually a lot easier to make using either spring roll wrappers of rice paper. No mucking around making a batter, just roll them up inside the … Read More

Peruvian Dinner Party: Best Fusion in the World

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Our dinner party starts off with a great cocktail to put you in the mood, a Pisco Sour, the national drink of Peru. Ceviche, the most popular starter in Peru, goes fabulously with your Pisco Sour. How convenient! The main show is a double act, Peruvian Stuffed Peppers with Scalloped Potatoes. To finish up there is an encore performance from a dessert we featured in Patagonia, Dulce de Leche Crème Caramel. Crème Caramel is just as popular in Peru and … Read More

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