Celebrate Tasmania’s Bounty with this Dinner Party

Within Australia, Tasmania has a wonderful reputation for food and drink (wine and whisky). It is the ideal location to feature a Compass and Fork dinner party menu celebrating Tasmania’s bounty of great produce. This dinner party menu from Tasmania features two courses and has some great wine pairing opportunities. For those readers who have been following our travels and recipes from Tasmania, you would be right in figuring out that we really love Tasmania. In our view, Tasmania remains … Read More

A Guide to the Fantastic Food on Bruny Island Tasmania

you Bruny Island is just off the east coast of Tasmania, and the food on Bruny Island is fantastic!  At nearly 100 kilometers long there is plenty to do.  Access is via the ferry from Kettering.  In an amazing size comparison Bruny Island is the same land mass as Singapore!  While Singapore has a population of over 5.5 million, Bruny Island has a permanent population of only 650! You can select a theme for the day- explore the wildlife, try … Read More

Easy Red Wine and Herb Casserole in the Slow Cooker

For the busy cook, there is nothing better than a slow cooker when approaching the cooler times of the year. And cooking with red wine?  It’s easier than you think and this recipe of red wine and herb casserole in the slow cooker is the perfect way to find out! A very popular ingredient in our household when it comes to cooking richly-flavored casseroles, is a bottle of Tasmanian Pinot Noir. Between the Pinot Noir and the slow cooker you … Read More

Wine Tasting in the Tamar Valley of Tasmania: A Day Well Spent

It is hard to pick which was better the wine, lunch or the scenery!  What is not hard to decide is we had a fantastic day exploring the wines of the Tamar Valley.  If you aren’t familiar with the Tamar Valley, we are in northern Tasmania just outside of Launceston.  The area is known for its white wines and it’s Pinot Noir, grape varietals that do well in cool climates.  Throughout the Tamar Valley there are over 30 vineyards, most … Read More

Spectacular Hiking in the Bay of Fires in Tasmania

Late Sunday afternoon it rains heavily as we travel toward Launceston. I am counting my lucky stars we have successfully completed hiking in the Bay of Fires before this bad weather reached us. Having just finished three days of hiking in the Bay of Fires along the pristine and undeveloped beaches of northeast Tasmania. It’s mesmerizingly beautiful walking along a coastline which is just stunning in its beauty: white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and birds and wildlife to keep … Read More

Delicious Whisky Ice Cream Plum Pudding

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Just like pumpkin pie is popular in the US over the festive period, plum pudding is the go-to dessert at Christmas time where we live, as well as many other parts of the world. Yes, it is very English and traditional to eat this hot dessert – even on a hot Christmas Day, as frequently occurs in Australia and other countries in the Southern Hemisphere. It often follows a hot roast dinner. Yes in reality, summer is the wrong season … Read More

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