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One of the world’s great destinations for culture and cuisine.  On this page  you can find all the travel and food content for Greece, the Greek Islands and Cyprus. It includes what to see and do, what to eat and authentic local recipes you can make at home.

Content includes recipes, travel tips, travel guides from our travels through this region includes: Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos, Athens and Cyprus.  To help get you in the mood, there is a hand curated selection of books, cookbooks and movies about Greece.  And if you would like to share an authentic Greek feast at home with family and friends, there is a four course dinner party menu complete with recipes and wine suggestions to make entertaining at home easy.

Greece, the Greek Islands and Cyprus

If You’re Planning a Trip to Greece, the Greek Islands and Cyprus

Beautiful Accommodation Options

You will need a place to stay of course.  And finding the perfect accommodation is just part of the fun of planning your dream trip to Greece, the Greek Islands or Cyprus.

The Greek Islands are quite seasonal.  Not much is open in the winter on many islands, and they can be very crowded in the summer months.  And don’t forget the cruise ships stopping at many of the islands.  They can bring a large influx of day visitors.

The Greek Islands Magazine


Lots of great information about
Greece and the Greek Islands, plus
tips and resources for planning your trip!

So best advice is to book early so you get the best selection.  If you would like to browse hotels in Greece, the Greek Islands and Cyprus and see availability and prices for your dates, you can check

There are plenty of vacation rentals and apartments on many islands.  To find these you and on the left hand side you can filter by accommodation type.  Lots of private rentals can be found on AirBnB.  If you are new to AirBnB, our tips for AirBnB users provides a handy guide. (and if you have any questions at all, just send us an email- we are happy to help.)  If you want to get started, here’s a coupon you can use when you register to save on your first stay.   We stayed in apartments we found on AirBnB in both Athens and Cyprus.  

Renting a Car in Greece, the Greek Island and Cyprus

Driving is not necessary or recommended some places due to traffic congestion.  We managed without a car on Santorini, Mykonos and in Athens.  We did rent a car on Naxos and depending what you’re planning in Cyprus, a car would be more convenient than public transportation.

For car rental overseas we recommend Holiday Autos.  Horror stories abound of people arriving to pick up the car or returning it and getting a bill much more than they planned due too surprise fees on the rental car that were not included in the quote.  You can find out more about why we recommend Holiday Autos and download our rental car checklist to use before you rent a car

And for traveling through Greece, the Greek Islands and Cyprus we highly recommend you have travel insurance. Greek ferries are notorious for cancellations and delays. You may have coverage through a credit card or other means, to learn more about travel insurance and how you might be able to save some money read our post with what you need to know about travel insurance.   You need to organize it before your trip begins.

We use and suggest World Nomads if you do not have other coverage.  You can learn more about Travel Insurance and selecting appropriate coverage and get a quote for travel insurance from World Nomad’s Travel Insurance here.


Food and Travel from Greece, the Greek Islands and Cyprus on Compass & Fork

Terrific Entertaining at Home with this Greek Feast

Terrific entertaining at home with this Greek Feast. Your Greek dinner menu and recipes included. Invite friends and family around for a terrific night in! There is no denying Greeks and Cypriots enjoy having a great time with their family and friends. Picture a seaside or mountain taverna, plenty of sunshine, some wine, healthy Greek food, laughter and good times. That is life on the Greek Islands. Greeks and Cypriots love to share good times with family. It is one … Read More

What You Need to Know About Traveling in the Greek Islands

Traveling in the Greek Islands is relatively easy.  There is a ferry system running all year between the large islands and an additional seasonal service in summer servicing and connecting the smaller islands. In addition there are airports on many of the large islands.  Aegean Air and Olympic Air are the primary airlines in Greece and the Greek Islands. There are over 200 inhabited islands in the Greek Islands, the ones we hear about frequently are but a small subset … Read More

The Best Authentic Loukoumades Greek Donuts Recipe

Today we feature a popular dessert eaten throughout Greece and Cyprus. Authentic loukoumades are basically Greek donuts. They are drenched in a honey-based syrup, sprinkled with cinnamon, sesame seeds and crushed walnuts. And they’re easy to make. Our version of authentic loukoumades comes with a twist. For the batter we use labna (strained yogurt, also sometimes called labna cheese) and no yeast. The use of the labna delivers a lighter batter, precluding the need for the yeast. The sweetness comes … Read More

Sensational Beef Stifado a Pleasant Surprise from Cyprus

Today we feature a classic, Greek stew – beef stifado, or should that be the famous, Cypriot dish? Whatever its origins, we are featuring it today! Commonplace throughout the region, it is a robust flavored stew, containing slow-cooked beef that just melts in your mouth. Beef stifado is traditionally served with orzo (small, rice-shaped pasta) or hilopittes (egg pasta). This is a great dish to enjoy in the cooler months. Simple to prepare, it just slowly simmers away while you … Read More

The Rich History of the Ancients in Paphos Cyprus

The town of Paphos (or Pafos) is located on the south western tip of Cyprus.  It is known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek godless of love and fertility. Cyprus is a very old culture, with a civilization predating the Greeks.  Evidence of both Greek and Roman civilizations are still present and some of it is amazingly well preserved. There are a number of areas designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites in Paphos Cyprus. Paphos (or Pafos) is both … Read More

This Genuine Greek Spanakopita is Irresistible

Genuine, Greek spanakopita is a classic, spinach pie, surrounded with filo pastry. Filled with spinach or silver beet, cheeses and mildly spiced, Greek spanakopita is a great way to increase your or your children’s green veggie intake. I can promise you, they will be coming back for second helpings! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like pie made from filo pastry? And the filo pastry? It’s very forgiving and despite ripping a few sheets here and there, it really doesn’t matter. … Read More

Your Survival Guide to the Parthenon in Athens

The Parthenon in Athens, Greece is the icon of the city.  I can remember wanting to visit since elementary school when we had the “Greek Games” at school.  And yes it was a long time ago, but that is where my fascination with Greek mythology and civilization began. It also is the most visited attraction in Athens so here’s Your Survival Guide to the Parthenon in Athens. A Brief History of the Parthenon in Athens The Parthenon in Athens is … Read More

Greek Tzatziki Guaranteed to be Thicker and Stronger

Greek tzatziki is one of those quintessential, Greek dips known and loved throughout the world. A classic of Greek cuisine, it is perfect as an easy-to-make appetizer  you can enjoy on a sunny day prior to a BBQ or just for accompanying a chilled beverage with family and friends. Gluten-free? Perfect when accompanied with julienned carrots, celery, red or green bell peppers (capsicums), and of course, cucumber. Also great with ciabatta or Turkish bread. Our Greek tzatziki is actually a … Read More

Santorini: 5 Great Things to Do When Visiting for the First Time

Santorini is the stunningly beautiful Greek Island so often featured in photos of the Greek Islands.  The setting dramatic, scripted in a Hollywood movie, with villages set high atop, steep jagged cliffs.  To add to the drama the cliff faces are black, as it is actually the rim of a volcano or caldera upon which these precarious, stunning villages have been built. Add the crystal clear turquoise waters, sunshine and azure blue skies and it is indeed hard to resist.  … Read More

What to See and Do in the Village of Halki on Naxos

The village of Halki in the center of the Greek Island of Naxos is well worth a visit. It has great things to discover. It’s like traveling back in time!   The Highlights of Halki Halki (or Chalki as you will also see it written) was once the capital of the island of Naxos and the buildings and churches reflect the considerable wealth from the region. The area around Halki, Naxos is still largely agricultural, growing olives and citron. In … Read More

Genuine Greek Baked Beans Full of Taste – Gigantes Plaki

Ever heard of Gigantes Plaki? No it’s not some Greek, mythological monster from Jason and the Argonauts (remember that fabulous film?), although you could be forgiven for thinking so! They’re basically a version of Greek baked beans made with larger beans such as butter beans or lima beans in a typical, Greek sauce. The sauce is quite thick and the dish is hearty for the cooler times of the year in Greece, including on the islands. Greece and the word … Read More

The Best Citron Liqueur you’ll ever Taste is on Naxos

Craft distilling is all the rage these days, creating small batch high quality spirits from fresh, often local ingredients.  This is a return to the way spirits used to be made before mass production.  So while I enjoy finding a new venture returning to the traditional ways, I also really enjoy when we find a place that still makes spirits in the traditional way, as it has all along. The traditional distilling of citron liqueur on Naxos has been going … Read More

How to Cook Greek Lamb to Enjoy at Easter

Is there anything more traditional than cooking Greek lamb on Easter Sunday? Not for a Greek there isn’t. Celebrate Easter with what is the best meat you can roast, either in an oven, on the Weber bbq or if you are lucky enough, on the spit (rotisserie). Today we cook Greek Lamb, one of our favorite lamb dishes. Greek lamb roasted using traditional herbs and spices as a marinade Simple to prepare and cook greek lamb is a great dish … Read More

A Traditional Feast to Celebrate Easter like the Greeks

Easter is the biggest celebration and feast of the Greek Orthodox religion.  The customs and cuisines of how the Greeks celebrate Easter provide a great opportunity for the traveler to learn more about Greek culture and traditions. As parts of the world prepare to celebrate Easter this week, it is a great opportunity to learn about the traditions of the Greeks and how they celebrate Easter.  First off, many of us would be surprised to learn Greek Easter is not … Read More

Easy Greek Village Salad from Naxos Revisited

It’s no secret one of the sublime pleasures of spending time in the Greek Islands is to enjoy the healthy lifestyle. Sunshine, swimming, relaxation and of course the incredibly, healthy cuisine. It’s a laid back culture and this is reflected in the food. Nothing too complex. Just simple, healthy food, including a Greek village salad. Salad is a staple, served at every meal, it is hard not to eat well in the Greek Islands when you have a healthy salad … Read More

Greek Olive Oil: All You Need to Know About This Family Tradition

Greek Olive Oil Greece has a long and proud history of pressing Greek olive oil and it is very closely linked to the food and culture of the country. Evidence has been found of olive cultivation and Greek olive oil production going back over 50,000 years. Over the years, olive oil has been used for cooking, religious ceremonies, for lighting in oil lamps and for personal skin care products including soaps, cosmetics and lotions/oils. Greece is the third largest producer … Read More

You Need to Know Why Drunken Pork is Perfect with Red Wine

Most experts will say drink white wine with pork. Today we feature a dish very commonplace throughout the Greek Islands and Cyprus which turns that theory on its head. Drunken pork is a simple dish to prepare and full of robust Greek flavors including red wine. A simple marinade made from everyday ingredients and then slow cooked. The result is a rich, slightly dry and full-flavored Greek classic. Once you have cooked this dish you will surely return to it … Read More

Why Naxos is the Best of the Greek Islands

In Greek Mythology, Dionysus the god of wine, drunken merriment and fertility is said to have been born on Naxos. Which makes a great reason to visit Naxos and see it for yourself, but that’s not why Naxos is the best of the Greek Islands . .  . Why Naxos is the Best of the Greek Islands Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades Islands and there is a lot to see and do. It is less touristy than some … Read More

Steamed Greek Mussels Will Make You Happy

Steamed Greek mussels feature in today’s first food post coming from Greece. A simple, happy dish, full of Greek flavors. They are sure to put a smile on your face. Think oregano, white wine, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. Very common flavors throughout Greek cooking. Accompanied with grilled ciabatta (yes Italian for sure but popular in Greece nonetheless) and a crisp, chilled white wine, be transported to those laid-back Greek Islands with this dish. Laid-back is a great choice … Read More

Why Mykonos is One of the Best Greek Islands to Visit

Mykonos is One of the Best Greek Islands to Visit One of Greece’s iconic islands featuring whitewashed buildings, beautiful Greek churches, a resident pelican as the island mascot and of course the famous and often photographed windmills. Indeed the nickname of Mykonos is the “island of the winds.”  Mykonos is one of the best Greek Island to visit for first time visitors. In Greek mythology, Mykonos is the site of the battle between Hercules and the Giants, and many of … Read More

The Best of Books, Cookbooks and Movies about Greece

There are a lot of books, cookbooks and movies about Greece. Everything from ancient Greek mythology to modern novels. Movies run the gamut from hilarious comedies to historical sagas. And for cooking, well the Mediterranean Diet has been well publicized over the years as one of the healthiest ways to eat. Some of its many benefits include good health, reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes, improved mental clarity and longevity. Just search the Mediterranean diet and you will find … Read More


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