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Brush up on your Spanish as we check out food and travel in Patagonia. Discover some of the world’s most spectacular scenery in this amazing region, so big it straddles 2 countries, Chile and Argentina. On this page you will find all the content covering food and travel in Patagonia.

Yes, of all the places we have visited, Patagonia has the most stunning scenery. Home to some of the world’s greatest hiking locations, glaciers, volcanoes, stunning blue lakes, mountain scenery, wildlife, and few people.  Food and travel in Patagonia will leave you spellbound. If you ever have the chance to visit Patagonia, take it, you won’t regret it.

Torres del Paine National Park and Monte Fitz Roy boast some of the greatest multi-day and day hiking options in the world. And then you have Cape Horn, with glaciers and fjords further south.

Although it is remote, especially the southern sections, your reward is to view spectacular scenery and it is not overrun with tourists.

And of course there is no shortage of good South American wine to enjoy with your Patagonian meals. Food and travel in Patagonia is truly unique!

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Planning a Trip to Patagonia

 Beautiful Accommodation in Patagonia

Want to view the magnificent lake scenery of northern Patagonia? There is no shortage of beautiful accommodation both on the Chilean side and the Argentine side. The area around Bariloche (Argentina) is just stunning and milder than most parts of Patagonia.  On the Chilean side, try Osorno, Chiloe, or Puerto Vargas for beautiful accommodation options.

Some of the world’s greatest hiking destinations, with scenery to match, provide the backdrop to some very unique luxury escapes offering views with jaw dropping scenery. Torres del Paine National Park (nearest town Puerto Natales) and Monte Fitz Roy (nearest town El Chalten) do not disappoint with a range of accommodation options.  The closest town to the Perito Moreno Glacier is El Calafate, and it has an airport.  If you are after luxury, there are a few small luxury hotels providing stunning views of some of the most remote and unspoiled scenery anywhere in the world.

Further South, Ushuaia (Argentina), known as the end of the earth, provides access to Tierra Del Fuego or Punta Arenas on the Chilean side.

Experiencing food and travel in Patagonia is one of the great travel highlights of the world. Click here to browse current Patagonia hotel prices and check availability in Patagonia.  And to compare hotel prices across online booking sites for hotels in Patagonia visit Hotels Combined

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Transportation: Getting Around in Patagonia

The distances in South America, particularly in Patagonian Chile and Argentina can be vast. Towns are few and far between with few roads when traveling from one place to another. Browse the site and benefit from our experience traveling in South America, and make sure you read the planning your trip to Patagonia post. It includes a lot of great travel tips,including transportation.

Choose from these options for traveling around Patagonia:

  • Bus
  • Private transfers
  • Air
  • Or rent-a-car and drive.

In Patagonia, chances are you will spend some time on a long distance bus. The drivers are safe, buses are modern, run frequently and are very affordable (especially compared to air or renting a car). The downside is the vast distances. This can mean long (22+ hours) spent on the bus. So we recommend bus travel for shorter distances or if you are on a tight budget and have plenty of time.

Private transfers can be very expensive even for short distances; we used the bus instead.

For Car Rental in Patagonia

You can rent a car for parts or all of your trip.  Keep in mind fuel can be expensive and the driving distances can be long.  Also make sure to  check you can take the car across international borders (between Chile and Argentina) if required for your itinerary.

We use and recommend Holiday Autos.  The quoted price includes all fees and extras.  Download our rental car checklist to check your quote.

Flights to Patagonia

Air travel cuts travel times dramatically in the vast and remote areas of Patagonia but it can be expensive.

We flew several legs with LATAM and took the bus for several legs. If it was more than 6-8 hours drive we flew, if not we took a bus. There is an option to purchase a LAN Pass if you fly from an international destination on a One World Alliance Airline.

Click here to Search for flights to Patagonia.

Travel Insurance

And don’t forget travel insurance! If ever there is a place for travel insurance it is Patagonia. About Patagonia. All tourist areas in Patagonia are remote. The further south you go (to the end of the world) the more remote Patagonia becomes. Areas such as Torres del Paine and Monte Fitz Roy are remote and rugged with lots of outdoor activities. So, there is scope for injury.

You just never know when you will need travel insurance. And it may not be you. What happens if you have to return home in the middle of a dream trip for a funeral? Are you covered? Can you afford it? This is where travel insurance from a reputable company can be worth its weight in gold.  We use World Nomads for travel insurance.

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Below you will find all content related to food and travel in Patagonia.  If you don’t find what you are looking for or having any questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact us link above or leave a comment on the post with your question.  We will reply.

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