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Lake Titikaka, Lima, Arequipa, Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, Cusco, the Nazca lines, the Amazon. There is no shortage of highlights for the tourist in this country. And, with so much diversity just in Peru! How much do you really know about Peru? This page features all of the Compass & Fork content for food and travel in Peru.

Learn about award winning Peruvian cuisine, Michelin-starred restaurants, and great recipes to make Peruvian cuisine at home. Discover ceviche, lomo saltado and the national drink a -Pisco Sour- one of our favorite cocktails. Peru is truly the home of fusion cuisine with so many culinary influences. Peru is the home of tomatoes, potatoes, corn and peppers, so Peruvians know a bit about food!

Food and travel in Peru is exciting because of the diverse nature of the country. So many contrasts for the  tourist.


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Planning a Trip to Peru

Beautiful Accommodation in Peru

Accommodation options in Peru are plentiful and you can find something to suit any budget.

Boutique hotels and small luxury accommodation typically employ great chefs so you are bound to enjoy the food and travel in Peru. There is no shortage of beautiful accommodation from Lake Titikaka in the mountains of Peru, to Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley and Cusco, to the larger cities of Lima and Arequipa. And let’s not forget the Amazon. All great stops for your Peru itinerary.

Peru has some of the most beautiful accommodation imaginable. Some unique lodging options include old monasteries, all-inclusive, unique luxury escapes on Lake Titikaka. Peru offers the opportunity to experience unique luxury escapes throughout the country with a distinct Incan feel. And with great chefs abounding in the country you can truly enjoy food and travel in Peru.

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Transportation: Getting Around While in Peru

We used a combination of buses, private car transfers and air travel.

Peru is a rugged country. The Andes and the Amazon Rainforest are both natural barriers which make for few roads and slow travel times. Peru also has a rainy season which can make some roads impassable. Train travel is not plentiful and where it is available it can be quite slow and/or expensive.

For Car Rental in Peru

Car rental and fuel in Peru, and most of South America, can be expensive.  For international car rental we use  Holiday Autos. The price quoted includes all taxes and fees and it also searches local providers. Download our rental car checklist to compare your quote.

Flights to and Within Peru

You can fly within Peru. It is expensive. And, it is very expensive relative to the cost of a bus ticket. (And you will see a lot more on the bus.) However, Peru is rugged and driving times are slow. To truly enjoy the food and travel in Peru, we flew several legs with LATAM and took the bus for several legs. If it was more than 6-8 hours drive we flew, if not we took a bus. There is an option to purchase a LAN Pass if you fly from an international destination on a One World Alliance Airline.

Click here to Search for flights to Peru as well as domestic flights.

Travel Insurance

And don’t forget travel insurance! If ever there is a place for travel insurance, it is Peru. Many tourist areas in Peru are remote or at high altitude. Areas such as Machu Picchu and the Amazon rainforest are not only remote but access to medical facilities may require evacuation via air transport.

You just never know when you will need travel insurance. Are you covered? Can you afford not to be? This is where travel insurance from a reputable company can be worth its weight in gold. We use World Nomads Travel Insurance, you can get a quote here.

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