Your Guide to the Best Bars and Restaurants in Antigua

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Your Guide to the Best Bars and Restaurants in Antigua Gutemala site2602763.nestifysites.comAntigua, Guatemala has many fabulous eateries and bars and in my view, provides the best eating and drinking opportunities in all of Guatemala.

And it’s not just typical Guatemalan foods available but the full gamut of cuisines from around the world. Here you will find fabulous steaks, (as good as any you will find in Argentina or Uruguay), Italian pizza and pasta, Thai and Vietnamese food, Mexican food, as well as great breakfast places where you can enjoy a decent coffee or smoothie.

Antigua, Guatemala is a safe destination to walk around, even at night. It is the premier tourist town in Guatemala, and a very easy place to get around as everything is within walking distance.

Here is our guide to the best bars and restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala, in no particular order.

Best Rooftop Bars in Antigua

With the Antigua Brewing Company (3a Calle Poniente #4) Guatemala joins the worldwide trend of craft brewing.You can sample a selection of craft beers here. Make your way up the spiral staircase to enjoy the amazing view from the rooftop. Sunset is a great time as you watch the sun slowly set behind the smoking volcano.




Your Guide to the Best Bars and Restaurants in Antigua

Your Guide to the Best Bars and Restaurants in Antigua Gutemala


Or try Café Sky (1a Avenida Sur #15) an institution in Antigua, Guatemala. Don’t be put off by the spiral staircase to reach this rooftop gem. The view is worth every step. Here you can enjoy beer, wine and very reasonably priced cocktails. Friendly service and good bar snacks ensure this bar is well patronized. Arrive about 5pm and enjoy another classic Antigua sunset.


El Barrio (4a Avenida Norte #3) is a complex housing a number of excellent drinking establishments including Rama, The Whisky Den, and La Lava Terrace, which is on the rooftop. In fact, whilst enjoying our night-time drinks at La Lava, we observed this meteorite lighting up the sky (and no we were not inebriated).


Monoloco (5A Avenida Sur #6) near Plaza Mayor is famous for its nachos The servings are huge and they are delicious.  A generous amount of topping, yet still crispy!  Easily a meal.

It’s a happening place where you can enjoy fabulous drinks including the very popular michelada, a Bloody Mary made with beer instead of vodka. What a refreshing drink in the Guatemalan climate. A lighter taste than the traditional Bloody Mary, we will be featuring michelada in an upcoming post.


Best Restaurants in Antigua

Your Guide to the Best Bars and Restaurants in Antigua Gutemala After sunset drinks at the Sky Café, (above) enjoy fabulous Italian food right next door at La Toscana (1a Avenida Sur #17B). If you are looking for good Italian, this is the place. The Caprese salad and the carpaccio are to die for. Our pasta dishes were also very good and gluten-free pasta is available.

And the owner, has a wicked sense of humor. His chalkboard, occupying a whole wall was full of humor, including these classics:

  • “No, we don’t have WiFi, talk to each other” (they actually do have WiFi);
  • “Offer of the day, get 2 drinks and pay for them”; and
  • “Warning. Drinking alcohol before pregnancy can cause pregnancy”

I love the sense of humor.

Your Guide to the Best Bars and Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala

Osteria Di Francesco, (7 Calle Poniente #35) If you want good pizza, then this is the place in Antigua. Here the pizza is served with thin crust and genuine, Italian toppings. They have a grass outdoor dining area, one of the few in Antigua, as well as an inside dining room. Add a bottle of red wine and you would think you were in Rome.

Frida’s Mexican Restaurant and Bar ( 5 Av. Norte #29) This place is an institution. If you are in need of a Mexican fix or excellent margarita, then here is the place to go. The margaritas are very generous, so big I could only manage one.

Los Tres Tiempos (5 Avenida Norte 31) is under the Santa Catalina Arch, the icon of Antigua. Here you will find typical, Guatemalan food. This is the best place we found to taste excellent, Guatemalan food.

Los Tres Tiempos uses classic, Guatemalan staples but applies modern cooking techniques. This meal was beautiful and a highlight of our trip. The restaurant has a great reputation, and you can see why.  It has indoor, mezzanine and outdoor seating on the rooftop.

Your Guide to the Best Bars and Restaurants in Antigua

Where to Find the Best Steaks in Antigua

If you are after some excellent steaks cooked in the South American manner, you won’t go wrong with any of these choices. Grab a bottle of Carmenere from Chile or Malbec from Argentina and enjoy:

  • Restaurante Las Antorchas, (3a Avenida Sur #1) has a beautiful courtyard setting.
  • Casa Escobar, (6a Avenida Norte #3). Fabulous steaks, including many options for two.  (They also have a location in Guatemala City)
  • La Posada De Don Rodrigo (5 Avenida Norte #17) is inside the hotel. They also serve traditional Guatemalan fare.This restaurant is excellent value. Many nights they have live traditional music and dancing.

Best Cafes and Breakfast Places in Antigua

Your Guide to the Best Bars and Restaurants in Antigua Gutemala site2602763.nestifysites.comUnion Café, (6 Calle Oriente #10), a small café near Union Square might just have the best smoothie I have ever tasted.  Our smoothie is an attempt to recreate our favorite smoothie from this cafe. The emphasis is on fresh healthy foods and ingredients.

Your Guide to the Best Bars and Restaurants in Antigua Gutemala site2602763.nestifysites.comGanache (6 Avenida Norte #1). This is the place to enjoy a good coffee. We have strong opinions about coffee in Guatemala. We think it is the best in the world. Go here and find out why. Ganache also has a sensational range of French-style desserts and cakes.


If you have food allergies, including gluten, try Cafe Epicure (3a Avenida Norte #11B) near the traditional artisan market.  They have a range of salads, sandwiches, hot meals and pizzas.  Many of them are gluten free.  There is also a shop here and you can purchase many items to take home or for cooking if you have a kitchen,  Well worth a look!

If you are in need of a break from the traditional Guatemalan breakfast, you can find a range of options from around the world at Palacio de Dona Leonor ( 4a Calle Oriente #8) a boutique hotel. We were walking past this property, when we glimpsed the magnificent courtyard of the hotel. The restaurant is open to the public and we returned for breakfast one day. Dining around the gorgeous courtyard the breakfast and gardens are fantastic and very reasonably priced.

Your Guide to the Best Bars and Restaurants in Antigua Gutemala

Best Fast Food in Antigua

Pollo Campero (5 Avenida Norte #14)  is a local chicken establishment offering take away and restaurant dining.  It is well patronized by the locals, always a good sign, and it was recommended to us by family. They offer both fried and grilled chicken options with a range of salads.  Very impressive. It is the best fast food chicken I have tasted by a mile. And it is inexpensive.  A good option if you need a quick meal.

We hope you find this guide useful. We loved putting it together, so many great memories.  All of these cafes, bars and restaurants were a walk from The Hotel Mil Flores where we stayed.

Have you been to Antigua, Guatemala? What are your favorite places to eat? Leave a comment below, no URL required.








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